Residential Iron Fence Installation: Planning Tips To Remember

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Residential Iron Fence Installation: Planning Tips To Remember

7 December 2022
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Iron fences are popular for residential homeowners because of their style and durability. If you want to put this fencing around your property, be sure to review these installation protocols before starting. 

Get a Permit

The first thing you need to do before you set up an iron fence around a residential property is getting a permit. It's probably needed regardless of where your home is located. It will cost money as well. However, once you get one, you can proceed forward with this installation. 

Just take your time finding out what building regulations are in place for fences in your area. Then you can track down the right permit and subsequently set this installation up the proper way from a legal standpoint. If you're unsure of what permit to get, consult with a fence contractor who puts fences up all the time.

Gather the Right Supplies Before Starting 

Regardless of what type of iron fence you invest in for your property, you'll need to get supplies for its installation. Do this before the materials arrive too so that you can organize them and thus have a more efficient installation process to look forward to.

Some of the most important supplies you'll need include a tape measure, post-hole digger, stakes, shovel, fasteners, and potentially concrete. For the more expensive equipment, you might want to rent them since this is a one-time project. You can then save money on iron fence installation supplies.

Get Help Lining the Panels Up

One of the better things about iron fence materials for residential properties is they often come in panels. You'll set them up one by one until you're completely finished. These panels can be big and heavy though, so you'll probably want to get assistance when it comes time to line them up.

You can get a couple of other helpers to hold the panels in place while you make sure they're straight. Then once you verify proper placement, you can set up fasteners to secure them to posts. You won't have to contend with a lot of weight or deal with uneven results that don't look great because of this assistance. 

An iron fence might be an incredible property investment, especially if you want to create a border around your home as well as enhance its security. If you know how to set iron fence materials up, you can complete this renovation quickly and without setbacks. 

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