Considerations For Adding A Fence To Your Property

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Considerations For Adding A Fence To Your Property

16 September 2018
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When you have come to the decision to add a fence to your property, there are some important planning steps that will have to be taken to reduce the risk of problems or other issues arising with your newly-installed fence.

Decide On Your Main Goals For The Fence

There is an almost overwhelming variety of fences that will be available, and this can lead to difficulties in matching the type and design of fence to your needs. For example, individuals that are concerned with security will want to opt for a tall fence that will be made of a durable material. Individuals that are opting for an aesthetic fence may wish for an ornate design.

Review The Height Limits For Fences In Your Neighborhood

Another important concern when it comes to your fence will be avoiding violating any height limits that may be in place. These limits help to prevent individuals from obstructing the view from the neighboring properties. Requesting this information prior to finalizing your design choice will prevent you from needing to take corrective action int he future, such as replacing the fence with one that is shorter.

Paint Wood Fences As Soon As Possible

After a wood fence has been installed, a layer of paint should be applied as soon as possible. This layer will help to protect the fence from the damage that can occur due to moisture and sunlight. If you want to retain the wood coloring and texture, you may be able to opt for an all-weather finish. This will allow the colors of the wood to show while still protecting it against damage. If you use this type of coating, it will be necessary to pay particular attention to the date when the coating was applied. Without this information, you may find it difficult to keep track of when a new coating needs to be applied as the clear coating may not show signs of deterioration.

Perform Twice-Yearly Inspections Of The Fence

At a minimum, you should walk along the entire length of your fence to inspect it for signs of damage. While rot and discoloration will be the most common problems for a wood fence, you should also look for signs of the fence becoming unstable or pests causing structural damage. By performing this inspection twice a year, it will be much easier to catch potential problems while repairs will still be simple and cost-effective to complete.

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