3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Vinyl Fence & Keep It Clean

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3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Vinyl Fence & Keep It Clean

21 March 2018
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If you have a vinyl fence up around your home, you need to make sure that you take proper care of your fence. Vinyl fences are great because they are easy to take care of if you just invest a little time each year keeping them clean.

1. Rinse Your Fence Down

One of the easiest ways to take care of your fence is to rinse it off with a garden hose. This doesn't have to be a long or involved process. Every few months, when you are outside doing other gardening work, set aside a little extra time to rinse off your fence using a nozzle on your garden hose.

When you rinse your fence, spray the water from top to bottom to encourage the dirt to flow downward off of your fence. Rinsing your fence every few months, or even every month, will prevent dirt from building up on your fence and will save you from having to deep clean your fence.

2. Spot Treat Dirty Spots

If you have spots on your fence that you notice are particularly dirty after you rinse your fence, you are going to want to spot treat these dirty spots.

One way to spot treat these dirty spots is with a magic eraser or similar produce. It is a sponge-like product that has cleaner built into the sponge. It can work really well at getting rid of tough to remove stains.

You can also use a cleaner that has very mild bleach in it to clean your vinyl fence. Put a little cleaner on a soft cloth and use the cloth or a soft brush to work to remove the build-up from your fence.

Bleach-based products work well on white vinyl fences. If you have a tan colored vinyl fence though, you are going to want to stay away from bleach like products.

3. Pressure Wash Your Fence

At least once a year, pressure wash your fence. Pressure washing your fence is a great way to get rid of any dirt or mildew that has built up on your fence and ensure that your fence is shining as bright as it possibly can.

When you pressure wash your fence, you can use a gentle cleaning formula on your fence, and follow up with an all water rinse if your fence is in need of a really good cleaning. If you have been regularly rinsing your fence down with your garden hose, you may not need to use a cleaner at all on your fence. Contact a company like Tyson Fence Co for more information and assistance. 

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