3 Different Wood Fence Options With A Unique Look For A Contemporary Style

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3 Different Wood Fence Options With A Unique Look For A Contemporary Style

24 June 2017
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Contemporary home designs create some unique challenges when it comes to choosing materials. Fences around contemporary homes are also a difficult decision. Wood is a great fence material that you will want to use if you want to blend aspects of your home into the natural surroundings. Traditional wood fences do not fit with contemporary home designs, so here are some unique wood fence solutions that you will want to choose from for your fence:

1. Plywood Fencing with A Personal Touch and Creative Style

If you want to have solid panels with few lines, plywood is a good choice for wood materials. Plywood comes in many different species of trees, and most plywood will need to be treated regularly with a wood sealer. In addition, plywood can give you more options for custom features, such as stenciled cut outs to create a personal. Double the layers of plywood and add a black piece of metal where stencil designs are located to maintain your privacy. Companies such as Security Fence can offer more information about plywood fencing options.

2. Hardwoods for Fencing the Matches Siding Finishes

Hardwood materials are also a great choice for fencing and exterior finishes. Hardwood works especially well in contemporary design because it helps to create lines that can be continued into fencing. You can use the same hardwood materials that you use for areas of your home with wood siding. Use the hardwood fencing to blend your home's design into the surrounding landscaping. Combining the same siding and wood fencing materials is a great way to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

3. Versatile Horizontal Wood Slats with Mixed Widths or Patterns and More

Horizontal wood fencing is a refreshing alternative to vertical pickets, which also works well in contemporary designs. The choices you have with horizontal fencing are countless. Some of the things that you may want to do for a horizontal fence include:

  • Vertical Gardens
  • Three-dimensional designs
  • Patterns with various board widths

The horizontal fencing can be done with any fencing material, including conventional treated pine, cedar and tropical hardwood materials. If you want your home to have a greener design, composite decking materials are a great alternative to natural lumber products.

When it comes to contemporary designs, wood is a versatile material that will blend finishes in with nature and the design of your home. Contact a fencing service and talk with them about some of these unique fence ideas to match your contemporary-style home.

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