Top Benefits Of Vinyl Fencing

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Top Benefits Of Vinyl Fencing

9 June 2017
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When you think vinyl, you probably think of vinyl records or fake leather pants. However, vinyl has multiple chemical recipes that produce numerous products of various thicknesses and strengths. That is how vinyl fencing came into being. If you are considering installing a fence around your property, you have a lot of choices, including vinyl fencing. Here are the top benefits of vinyl fencing.

You Can Paint It Any Color You Want

While you can already get vinyl fencing in a few neutral colors such as beige and white, the fact that it is vinyl means you can paint your fence whatever color you want. You could paint it rainbow with polka-dots if you feel like it! If you tried that with any other type of fence material, it would peel and fall off after a year. On vinyl fence, the paint adheres and remains until YOU remove it.

If a Tornado Hits, the Vinyl Does Not Splinter

Vinyl fencing does not splinter like wood. Sure, it can be ripped up out of the ground if the tornado is strong enough, but you can actually recover whole panels of your fence if you go looking for it after the storm. Panels of vinyl fence hurled through the air will not cause the same amount of damage as bricks, either, a plus over brick fencing.

You Can Powerwash Vinyl

If your vinyl fence gets dirty, guess what? You can powerwash it with no damaging effects. Turn on your powerwasher and just blast away. The dirt goes away, but the fence remains intact and unaffected by the blasting water. While you could powerwash brick fences, the pressure will eventually wear down the brick and mortar and ultimately cause the brick to disintegrate and collapse. Forget about powerwashing wood; that would cause it to splinter, warp, and even grow mildew or mold.

You Can Get the Fake Wood Look

If you really have your heart set on the wood fence look, vinyl does that too. Certain fence styles come imprinted with a raised pattern that makes the vinyl fence look like wood. You can even get fake wood vinyl that is cleverly painted to look so much like wood that you would have to touch the vinyl fence to see that it is not wood. If you are sold on the idea of vinyl, but waver because you want the wood look, this is the perfect solution.  

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