Using Fencing To Keep People Away From Your Establishment During Renovation

If you have a new puppy at your home, consider protecting it by contacting a fence contractor. Click here to learn about pet-friendly fences.

Using Fencing To Keep People Away From Your Establishment During Renovation

25 May 2017
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If you have a business of your own and you are in the process of making plans for a large renovation project, you are likely to be concerned about keeping those in the area away from your establishment during this time. There are many reasons why installing temporary chain link fencing to your property can be an effective way in keeping passersby from stealing from or becoming injured on your property. Here are some tips to consider should you decide to have this type of fencing placed along the perimeter of your property during a renovation project.

Use The Right Type Of Doorway

When you have a temporary chain link fence installed, ask the service what type of doorways they have available to add to the structure. It is important to find doors that swing open easily to allow workers to get on and off your property without difficulty during working hours. These doors should also have the capability in being locked to aid in keeping people away from your business' structure during times workers are not present on your property. 

Add Signs To The Fence

Chain link fencing will allow you to easily hang signs along its structure indicating your desires regarding visitors on your property. Position signs with arrows showing which entryways are usable for those needing to visit your property. This will minimize the risk of an accidental injury as those coming inside will be directed toward an area where minimal work is being conducted. Signs can also be added showing areas that are off-limits, helping to keep those from getting to close to potentially dangerous areas as a result. Additionally, using signs indicating you have security cameras on site can be helpful in keeping theft at bay.

Use The Fence As Security

When you select chain link fencing to place on the perimeter of your property, it is necessary to pick out a structure that will be high enough to keep people out of the area. Fencing with a curved top will also make it difficult for someone to use the fence as a means to get inside of the area you are trying to protect from theft. Make sure the fencing is installed so there are no gaps along the bottom portion that can be used as an entryway to your property. Positioning security cameras within view of the fence can be helpful in keeping people from trying to scale it to get to the interior property. 

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