Tips To Help Repair Different Types Of Fencing Material And Maintain Your New Fence

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Tips To Help Repair Different Types Of Fencing Material And Maintain Your New Fence

13 May 2017
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When you have, a new fence installed around your home, you will have a choice of different materials such as wood privacy fencing or chain link materials. The different types of materials will need different repairs to maintain them, such as keeping the foliage growth off of chain link fencing or cleaning and staining wood fencing. Here are some tips to help with repairs and maintenance when you have a new fence installed:

1. Chain Link Fencing That Requires a Minimal Amount of Maintenance

The conventional solution for fencing that is versatile is to use chain link materials. While chain link fences can be very durable; they are also going to need maintenance. One of the things that you will want to do is keep the fence free of overgrowth that can cause damage. In addition, fencing may lose tension and become loose over time. Where the sections of fencing are loose, there are usually tension-adjustment systems which you want to check occasionally to make sure that sections of the fence are not too loose. The chain link fence sections that have lost tension are more vulnerable to damage.

2. The Regular Cleaning and Staining or Painting of Wood Fencing Materials

Wood fencing has unique maintenance needs, which include regular cleaning and staining of the fence. Just like with chain link fencing materials, you will want to make sure the fence is free of debris. In addition, try to avoid splashing dirt stains from rain, which can cause fungus to grow on the fence and lead to rot. If your fence is stained, you will want to apply fresh stain every few years; if you have a painted fence, make sure to give it a new coat of paint when it is needed.

3. Care Needs of Synthetic Fencing Materials to Ensure They Last for Many Years

Synthetic materials like vinyl and wood composites also need maintenance. These materials are durable and resistant to decay and insects, but they are vulnerable to damage from the sun. Make sure you clean the materials regularly and use a UV protector to help prevent deterioration from exposure to sunlight. Cleaning will also keep your synthetic fencing materials looking like new for many years to come.

The maintenance of your fencing materials is important to ensure your fence lasts for many years. Contact a fencing contractor to help with the installation of your new fence and talk with them about how to care for the materials you choose to have installed. For more information, check sites like

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