A Few Reasons To Upgrade Your Residential Fencing To Commercial Fencing

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A Few Reasons To Upgrade Your Residential Fencing To Commercial Fencing

25 April 2017
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If you have fencing around your home or pool, it is probably residential fencing. It is probably four to six feet in height and made of a material that can be broken or cut if someone wants to get inside. The main purposes are to set up a boundary for your property and to keep pets and/or children in the yard. If you really want to feel safe and secure, have the fencing upgraded to commercial fencing.


Commercial fencing is generally higher than residential fencing. This is beneficial in two ways. First, it is more likely to keep people from jumping the fence to get into the yard. Secondly, as your child grows he or she will go through a climbing stage. The higher the fence the less likely your child will be able to get out.

Closer Posts

It is important that your fence posts be close enough to prevent small body parts from getting trapped. This could be your dog's head or your child's leg. Sometimes, in a residential fence, a child can get a leg through and then, because the leg is tapered, it cannot be pulled back out. An animal may be able to get its head through but not back out too. Commercial fencing has posts that are closer together so it is harder to get something caught in it. In addition, the closer posts will help keep debris from being blown into your yard making a mess or being a potential danger to anyone in the yard.


The posts and pole of commercial fencing is made of thicker materials. This makes it harder to break or cut. Someone trying to break into the yard will have a much harder time when the fencing is commercial grade. You will not have to worry as much about your kids living a bike or other possession in the yard overnight.

While commercial fencing is generally not as artistic or decorated, you can have this added. For example, you can put finials on top of the fence for a bit of décor and added protection. You can also have it painted any color you choose instead of a generic one many commercial establishments use. Commercial fencing is going to cost more than residential fencing, but that is because of the added security. However, having you child get stuck or your dog get out just once will be enough to wish you had upgraded already.

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