Live Too Close To Your Neighbors? Two Types Of Privacy Fences You Can Use

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Live Too Close To Your Neighbors? Two Types Of Privacy Fences You Can Use

15 June 2017
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If your neighbor's house is too close to your own house you may feel boxed in and it may seem like your neighbors can see everything you do. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to separate your property from theirs to give you some privacy. One of these things is installing a privacy fence. There are many types available, two of which are listed below.

Wood Fence                                                  

Installing a wood fence will give you the privacy that you need. Not only will it do this but a wood fence will add to the aesthetics of your home. There are a variety of wood types used, as well as styles. Before you start shopping, consider how tall you want the fence to be, as well as how many gates you need and where you will position the gates. You also have to determine your zoning laws as you may have limits on the height, placement, and materials used.

When choosing the style, you have the option of full privacy or semi-privacy. A full privacy fence is made of vertical wood panels that are placed side by side to create a wall. With this type of fence, your neighbors or anyone else would not be able to see through it. You also have to consider, however, that you would not be able to see out of the fence either.

A semi-private fence will not completely block the view but you can choose how close the gaps are when the fence is made. For example, the closer you put the gaps together the more privacy you will have. A picket fence is a type of semi-private wood fence.

Hardwoods are used for wooden fences, such as pine, redwood, spruce, and cypress. All these woods can withstand pests and weather conditions.

Vinyl Fence

If you do not like the look of wood you can install a vinyl privacy fence, which is made from PVC. This makes this type of fence durable and low in maintenance. Vinyl is also available in a wide variety of colors so you will have no problem choosing one that goes well with your home or your landscaping.

A vinyl fence is easy to clean, as you only need to wipe it down with a mild detergent and water. Simply hose the fence off to remove any soap residue and it will be clean. You also have to choose a gate to go with your fence, and you can choose from many ornamental details to give the fence some character. For example, you can choose lattice work to make the fence look unique. As in wood, you can choose a solid wall or a semi private vinyl fence.

Talk with a fencing contractor such as City Wide Fence Co to see these two types of fences yourself to help you decide what you would like best for your home.

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